Classic & Historic Registration

Financial members of the MB Classic Car Club Inc. who live in NSW and own a complying vehicle can apply to access the benefits of the NSW Historic Vehicles Scheme.

Complying vehicles must be 30 years or older from the year of manufacture and in as original condition as possible.

Classic or Historic Registration

Members are strongly advised to assess whether their vehicle(s) are categorized as either “Classic” or “Historic” under NSW Government Vehicle Registration requirements.  Refer to:

Registering and using a classic vehicle | NSW Government


Historic Vehicle Scheme period options, accessories and safety items | NSW Government

In very general terms, if a modification is made to a vehicle that is not “within 2-3 years (‘defined period’) of the build date of the vehicle” this necessitates it being classified as “Classic.”  Something as simple as the fitment of a new car stereo that is not of the period dictates that the vehicle is regarded as “Classic”, not “Historic.”

Be warned that the incorrect registration classification could invalidate any insurances that have been taken out on the vehicle(s).

Note that at the time of initial vehicle renewal, and at the time of annual renewal, the club will possibly request photographs of your vehicle.  These are to be internal and external, in order to provide assistance only (not a determination) on whether the vehicle should be classified as Historic or Classic.

Please be reminded that pink slips are valid for 6 months (required for Historic Vehicle Scheme) and blue slips are valid for 42 days (the blue slip is required for Classic Vehicle Scheme).

Further information regarding classic registration is available from:



Please Note: The Council for Motor Clubs and Transport for NSW require original documents for registration.  Emails and photocopies are not allowed.


You must attend at least 3 official Club outings per year.

Members will need to:
  1. Accept the Historic Vehicles Constitution (regardless of whether Classic or Historic classification applies) and print and sign the MBCCC Acceptance Form
  2. Obtain a “pink slip” or “blue slip”.
  3. Complete a Historic Vehicle Declaration ( or Classic Vehicle Declaration (
  4. Complete an RMS Application for Conditional Registration (
  5. Contact MBCCC’s Historic Plates Registrar on 0403 792 240 and forward the above documents to him.
After approving and certifying the documents you have submitted, the Historic Plates Registrar will return them to you, for you to lodge at the RMS. Note that applicants must supply a stamped, self-addressed envelope so that their papers can be sent back to the them once approved.

Plates will be issued by the RMS on acceptance of your documentation.
You need to ask for a Log Book. For RMS information see Historic and classic vehicle log books | NSW Government

The RMS’s Conditional Registration Guide, Historic Vehicles Policy, and list of approved clubs may be found online, Historic vehicles | NSW Government

Log Book Completion

Members are strongly advised to fill in their log book(s) at the start of every journey they make in the vehicle.  Even if the travel is to and from an official club event.  There have been instances of the Police fining, and demerit points issued, to the owners of both Classic and Historic registered vehicles who have not filled in the log book for all trips undertaken.

MBCCC will not be liable for any legal actions or fines levied against a member as a result of their failure to comply fully with NSW Government Vehicle Registration requirements.

Member’s Classic or Historic Registered Vehicles – Important Housekeeping

  1. Once you obtain your new registration number please let the Historic Plates Registrar know the details.
  2. If you dispose of a classic or historic registered car please inform the Historic Plates Registrar.  This is so that the vehicle can be removed from the club’s records.