For Sale or Wanted

MBCCC members only can submit advertisements for Mercedes-Benz related items, either for sale or wanted.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Utilisation by Buyers and Sellers of the M. B. Classic Car Club Inc. (MBCCC) “For Sale or Wanted” advertising facility on this website constitutes agreement with the Terms and Conditions listed herein (i.e., items 1 to 11 inclusive).
  2. The term “MBCCC” also embraces any elected office bearers of the club, either at the time of transaction, before or afterwards.
  3. MBCCC is not party to a transaction between a Buyer and Seller for any item or service offered in the “For Sale or Wanted” section of this website. This also includes any transaction that does not involve the exchange of monies.
  4. Buyers are solely responsible for their own enquires and investigations in regard to any items or services advertised before, and after, a transaction takes place in order to satisfy themselves that they are acceptable. MBCCC does not provide any representation or information towards the item(s), services or the purchasing / negotiation process.
  5. MBCCC does not warrant the ownership status of any items advertised by Sellers on this website. This includes, but is not limited to, whether the item is free from debt, written off and is not stolen.  The Buyer is solely responsible for confirmation of all ownership matters.
  6. MBCCC does not warrant the quality, suitability, performance, longevity, fitness for purpose and, if applicable, vehicle registration status of any items or services advertised on this website.
  7. MBCCC does not warrant the accuracy, authenticity and completeness of any information or claims made in the advertisements posted on this website by Sellers. In addition, any dialogs (either written or verbal) that occur between the Buyer and Seller during and after any transaction occurring.  MBCCC will therefore not be liable to a Buyer, end user or any other party for omissions or misleading content in the advertisements or communications between the Seller and Buyer.
  8. Only Mercedes-Benz vehicles, parts and accessories will be advertised on this website.
  9. Only current members of MBCCC are able to place advertisements. A check of membership status will occur with each proposed advertisement submitted.  Posting will only occur after current, financial membership is confirmed.
  10. No enquiries submitted to any MBCCC email addresses or phone numbers listed on this website will be responded to. Buyers must deal directly, and only, with the Seller.
  11. Sellers are to ensure the webmaster is advised once the goods have been sold so that the advert can be removed. If nothing is heard from the Seller, the advert may be removed after 90 days.

Submissions must only be to:

Information for any vehicles advertised preferably should include:

  • Your Full Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • MBCCC Membership Number
  • Year Model of Vehicle
  • Chassis Code (i.e., W126, W220 etc.)
  • Model
  • Kilometres
  • Price
  • Comments

Attach to the email a maximum of 5 images showing:

  • Front profile
  • Side profile
  • Rear profile
  • Front interior
  • Rear interior