Historical Registation

Financial members of the MB Classic Car Club Inc. who live in NSW and own a complying vehicle can apply to access the benefits of the NSW Historic Vehicles Scheme.

Complying vehicles must be 30 years or older from the year of manufacture and in as original condition as possible.


You must attend at least 3 official Club outings per year.

Members will need to:

  1. Accept the Historic Vehicles Constitution and print and sign the MBCCC Acceptance Form
  2. Obtain a “pink slip” that is no more than 30 days old
  3. Complete a Historic Vehicle Declaration (nsw.gov.au) Form 1259
  4. Complete an RMS Application for Conditional Registration (nsw.gov.au)
  5. Contact MBCCC’s Historic Plates Registrar on 0403 792 240 and forward the above documents to him.

After approving and certifying the documents you have submitted, the Historic Plates Registrar will return them to you, for you to lodge at the RMS.
Plates will be issued by the RMS on acceptance of your documentation.
You need to ask for a Log Book. For RMS information see Historic and classic vehicle log books | NSW Government

The RMS’s Conditional Registration Guide, Historic Vehicles Policy, and list of approved clubs may be found online, Historic vehicles | NSW Government